A complete new way for clients to explore their data.

White label Cumul.io
Increase engagement

Great analytics is all about getting the full potential out of the data. Your large, diverse customer base will need tools that can do it all— explore, personalize and report in a personalised way so you can maintain their loyalty for the long haul.

Upsell opportunity

You have a lot of data and your clients need custom insights. Allow them the to build dashboards themselves in a familiar environment. When they want it, how they need it and how they want it.

Built for business users

No data science or technical expertise required. Any of your users will be able to build dashboards, report to stakeholders and keep right on track of their business.

Karel Rabaut - Beeple

Karel Rabaut

CEO of Beeple

“Reporting has always been crucial to our customers. We saw that clients have always heavily used the export functionality. However, it asks a lot of time and effort to manually analyze these exports. Thanks to the integration with Cumul.io, clients can now view or create a ready-made report in just a few clicks.”

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Dominique De Cooman - Dropsolid

Dominique De Cooman

CEO at Dropsolid

“Thanks to Cumul.io, we at Dropsolid now have full control over all the data that flows through our company. By sharing insights with our employees, we empower our teams to have full ownership over their projects.”

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Secured & familiar

Your branded Cumul.io version
  • Your branding & identity
  • Add self-service dashboarding to your offering
  • Open up via a custom subdomain
  • User management with rights & permissions
  • Open API

The power of analytics in the hands of your customers!


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