Our platform is built to scale with your growth. Curious to see what your integration would look like? Explore the embedded dashboard below!

A building block for your startup’s reporting

Don’t waste time on analytics development. With Cumul.io’s affordable integration package for startups, you’ll go to market with a fully operational reporting module in days.

Embedded dashboards: create, connect & integrate
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Growing your product roadmap with a limited budget? We offer a special discounted package for new & emerging startups to kickstart your product growth.

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Skip ahead of lengthy development cycles. Startups working with Cumul.io typically have their dashboards integrated in a week.

Monetize your data

Generate new revenue off your reporting module. Offer our integrated dashboards in premium pricing tiers to win over new customers, or upsell existing ones.

Nina De Thaey

Nina De Thaey

Marketing Manager of Workero

“With Cumul.io, we were able to create stunning dashboards, and to embed them into our platform in no time. And it’s future-proof: when a new partner joins our platform, we don’t have to create a new report. He automatically has access to a personal dashboard. It saves us countless hours of time!”

Toon Fabry

Toon Fabry

Founder of Phirater

Decision makers should be able to easily analyse their data. Our logistics intelligence platform 'Phirater' now integrates Cumul.io, with which we enable our users to do so even more. Shippers can now visually compare different transport partners or monitor all shipments already in progress: crucial knowledge for cost-efficient shipping. We are constantly improving our platform to align it with our users' needs and Cumul.io allows us to shift even faster.

How to apply for the startup package

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  • Is your startup younger than 2 years old?
  • Do you have 10 employees or less?
  • Do you want to crush your competitors with killer reporting features?

Then your startup is a perfect match!

How to apply?

Contact us at hello@cumul.io with more information about your startup & use case. We’ll review your application and get in touch shortly.


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