Integrate dashboards to your React application in no time!

Integrated dashboard sample
dashboardId= {dashboardId}

Getting your embedded dashboards to production was never as easy.

Simply install the react-cumulio package on npm & import it into your application. Add your dashboard component with a few lines of code and you’re ready to go to production!

Need some more inspiration before getting started? Check out the sample React integration on Github.

More than just embedding a dashboard! dashboards are data-driven tools inside your own product. Our React library lets you enjoy additional functionalities.

Enjoy multi-tenant security with tokens using your own user models
Fully customize. Even change the loader styling!
Interact between platform & dashboard with bi-directional communication
Take control: Reload specific charts & dashboards, or even change dashboards
Easily retrieve data from charts and use them for platform actions
Retrieve the filters applied in your dashboard and interact with your own platform.

Using a different framework than React?
We probably support it!

And many others!

Get a glimpse of the look & feel of inside your platform! Explore our example app with integrated dashboards below.

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