A proof-of-concept (POC) in no time!

With Cumul.io we went beyond and created an offer you simply can't refuse. While in Joint Execution Program you, of course, have full access to all the platform features and additionally a dedicated Solution Engineer will be guiding you to make the easiest, fastest and most stunning POC.

What’s more? Finishing with your POC within 2 months will unlock a special discount for you: the JEP license cost will be fully deducted from your annual Cumul.io license!

Olivier de Montjoye

Co-founder at Hireme.io

“By working day-to-day with people and companies we saw the need of putting data more ‘in the spotlight’ on our platform; we wanted to help our customers to understand their numbers better and thus make more data-driven decisions. JEP allowed us to fully test Cumul.io and within a short time built a successful integration case for Hireme.”

Zineb Mazouzi

Project Engineer at Waterleau

“At Waterleau we provide water, air, and waste treatment solutions, and thanks to Cumul.io’s JEP we rolled-out our analytics module in only one month! The well-structured documentation and guidance of Cumul.io's team enabled us to implement Cumul.io in a fast and smooth manner. We see a significant benefit of adding this analytical layer to Waterleau.”

What’s included

Joint Execution Program
per month

An easy starting point for ambitious companies that are interested in integrating analytics inside their own SaaS.

We made it easier for you to build a Proof Of Concept and evaluate the benefits of integrated analytics for your SaaS.

Included in this plan are:

  • Dedicated solutions engineer
  • 3 customized workshops
  • Full platform integration
  • Unlimited dashboards & datasets
  • Full API access
  • Deductible from annual license fee


Start your joint execution program with us today.