Comparison: vs Exago BI?

Interactive visualizations
Full API functionality
Direct connection with databases & warehouses
Full product integration into your own application
Seamlessly integrates in any platform, in any browser & multi-device
No server installation & maintenance needed
Multilingual dashboards
Highly intuitive, drag & drop dashboard builder
Advanced visualization types, with new ones added regularly
Centralized and up-to-date tutorials & documentation
Flexible & transparent pay-per-session pricing

Why customers chose over Exago BI?

Michael Mattan: Lead Application Architect at ProSoccerData

Michael Mattan

Lead Application Architect at ProSoccerData

“None of the BI tools we tried offered the ease of use that offers. Our business colleagues simply love the drag & drop editor, and our developers can integrate the dashboards in just a few lines of code.”

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Johan Vosloo: CEO at Headspace Technologies

Johan Vosloo

CEO at Headspace Technologies

“Embedding dashboards and graphs is as simple as copy-pasting a one-liner JavaScript code. If you can manage a Google tracking script, you can manage this!”

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The power of Exago BI made easy & beautiful. combines the powerful analytical capabilities of Exago BI with a beautiful, user-friendly touch to impress your end-customers.

The most user-friendly dashboard interface.

Forget static, heavy Excel-like interfaces. Our dashboard editor is beautifully intuitive, and dashboards are 100% customizable with simple drag & drop: colors, branding, multi-language, multiple screen modes, you name it!

Embed dashboards in just a few lines of code

Deploy a powerful reporting module in your app in no time. Copy-paste our secure, one-liner integration code with your key & token, and embed stunning dashboards that are filtered based on single sign-on.

The power of Exago BI made easy & beautiful.

Forget complex interfaces.

For developers, the integration is smooth & fast. But also as a business user, it couldn’t be easier to build the dashboards.’s interface is built to help anyone find their way through their data. Step by step.

Embedded dashboard: connect, create, integrate
The most intuitive editor

Anyone can build the dashboards with our easy drag & drop dashboard editor. Even the more complex tasks like linking datasets, creating hierarchies or adding derived columns are child’s play in

No training needed for your team

Your team has no experience with dashboarding? No need to organize full-day BI trainings. In our onboarding course, you’ll learn all the ins & outs of our platform in under 30 minutes.

Everything in 1 cloud app

No need to download a desktop version of our software. Everything is possible in our cloud app: from building to sharing, and even more advanced analytical features like linking datasets.

An affordable alternative to Exago BI.

Is Exago BI too expensive for your needs? With's pay-per-session model and interesting packages for early-stage SaaS companies, you'll be able to scale as you grow.

Pay per session vs. fixed flat fee

No fixed flat fees. With, you’ll only pay for actual sessions on your integrated dashboards. Your license includes a default number of sessions, and you just pay per supplementary session ‘outside bundle’.

Evaluate with a discounted POC

With our special 2-month JEP program, you'll get guidance of a dedicated Solution Engineer during the integration setup. Up & running in less than 2 months? We'll fully deduct the JEP cost off your annual license!

Monetize the data inside your platform

Offer our dashboard integration to customers in premium pricing tiers, and generate new revenue for your business. Or benefit from revenue-sharing: fully white label our dashboard editor & let customers build their own customized dashboards.

An affordable alternative to Exago BI.


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