Comparison: vs Amazon QuickSight?

100% cloud platform
Full integration into your SaaS platform
Responsive dashboards
Native connectors with databases & web services
Highly intuitive drag & drop interface
Fast & flexible embedding in just a few lines of code
Truly secured embbedding with single sign-on
Extensive chart library & customization options, all via the UI
Slice & dice your data with interactivity between charts
Link datasets from different sources
Connect any data source directly via API
Define hierarchies with drag & drop, directly in the UI
Affordable pricing per session, 30x cheaper than Amazon QuickSight

No more hassle. Integrate in 10 lines of code.

Embedding Amazon QuickSight is extremely complicated. With, you don't need to sacrifice ease-of-use to take advantage of powerful integration options.

No more hassle. Integrate in 10 lines of code.
Integrate dashboards in 10 lines of code

Create dashboards in a flash with our drag & drop editor. Integrate charts or complete dashboards in your platform, by simply copy-pasting a short code snippet in your SaaS application. You're up & running in minutes!

Share data securely with clients

Enjoy the benefits of token-based security. When a user logs in to your platform, dashboards are automatically pre-filtered per client to show the relevant data. You decide which data your customers get to see.

Fast, easy & always in sync

Don't worry about duplicating roles & users from your platform. Just a simple, one-time setup for developers, and easy dashboarding for business users.

Forget complex interfaces.

For developers, the integration is smooth & fast. But also as a business user, it couldn’t be easier to build the dashboards.’s interface is built to help anyone find their way through their data. Step by step.

Embedded dashboard: connect, create, integrate
The most intuitive editor

Anyone can build the dashboards with our easy drag & drop dashboard editor. Even the more complex tasks like linking datasets, creating hierarchies or adding derived columns are child’s play in

No training needed for your team

Your team has no experience with dashboarding? No need to organize full-day BI trainings. In our onboarding course, you’ll learn all the ins & outs of our platform in under 30 minutes.

Everything in 1 cloud app

No need to download a desktop version of our software. Everything is possible in our cloud app: from building to sharing, and even more advanced analytical features like linking datasets.

30x cheaper than Amazon QuickSight.

With many users on your platform, Amazon Quicksight is a very expensive solution. offers a cheaper pay-per-session model, as an affordable alternative to Amazon QuickSight

30x cheaper than Amazon QuickSight.
Cheaper pricing per session

No fixed fees per user. With, you’ll only pay for actual sessions on your dashboard. Amazon offers the same kind of pricing model, just 30x more expensive.

No price rise as your data grows's pricing is not dependent on how many data you have. Keep your data stored on your end, and never worry about price hikes with growing data volumes.

Monetize the data in your platform

Offer our dashboard integration to customers in premium pricing tiers, and generate new revenue for your business. Or benefit from revenue-sharing: fully white label our dashboard editor & let customers build dashboards themselves.

Why customers chose over Amazon QuickSight?

Michael Mattan: Lead Application Architect at ProSoccerData

Michael Mattan

Lead Application Architect at ProSoccerData

“We've tried out lots of data visualization tools, but none of those tools offered the ease-of-use that could offer. Our business colleagues simply love the drag & drop editor, and our developers can integrate the dashboards in just a few lines of code.”

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Johan Vosloo: CEO at Headspace Technologies

Johan Vosloo

CEO at Headspace Technologies

“For authenticated users, the API allows you to securely embed views, pre-filtered to relevant data of each user. Perfect for a Saas platform. Embedding dashboards and graphs is as simple as copy-pasting a one-liner JavaScript code. If you can manage a Google tracking script, you can manage this!”

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Want to integrate a similar dashboard into your own platform? Enroll in our Joint Execution Program, and we’ll guide you along the integration process in no time.
Step 1: Connect
Step 1: Connect
Connect your database in minutes, thanks to our out-of-the-box connectors. Or connect your own API: we’ll help you build a plugin in just a few lines of code!
Step 2: Create
Step 2: Create
Start building the dashboards your customers will love! Build your first dashboard together with us during a workshop, and learn all the handy tricks to use our dashboard editor.
Step 3: Embed
Step 3: Embed
Embed your kick-ass dashboards with our ready-made code snippet. We’ll set up token-based security together, to filter the dashboards by user login.


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