Go to market at least 3x faster

Our customers typically build their first dashboard in less than 2 hours, and integrate it in 1 day.

Speed up analytics development

Building an analytics module from scratch takes months of development time & resources. Go from months to a matter of days. Cumul.io’s integration is fast, seamless & implemented in just a few lines of code.

Save money thanks to low TCO

No set-up costs, no server costs, no maintenance costs. With a Cumul.io integration, you’ll skip the high initial investment of developing it yourself. Spread costs & scale analytical features as you grow.

Deploy & scale with ease

Developers love Cumul.io because it's powerful, flexible, and integrated in just a few lines of code.

API-first with extensive developer documentation

Connect any data source, trigger actions from platform to dashboard, create dashboards,... It’s all possible in a scalable way via API. With full API documentation at hand, you’re good to go. Make life easy on your technical staff.

Integrate seamlessly into your favorite tech stack

Is your platform built in .NET? PHP? Javascript? It doesn’t matter, Cumul.io integrates seamlessly into any software. Re-use your own security & authentication, connect to your database of choice,... Our platform is technology-agnostic.

Deliver more value to your customers

“With these interactive reports embedded in our customer portal, we're building more trust & transparency with our clients.” Cyr Provost, Commercial Director at Field & Concept

Seamless embedded analytics in your platform

Make sure your customers never have to leave your platform again. Give your customers an ‘all-in-one’ experience with a fully white labeled dashboarding component, directly inside your app.

Increase customer loyalty

A dashboard integration empowers your customer to do more with their private data or usage statistics. Help them find valuable business insights, and significantly decrease the risk of churn.

Boost your revenue in premium pricing tiers

Your users are willing to pay extra for value-adding reporting. Offer your dashboarding module in premium pricing tiers to generate new revenue streams or upsell opportunities.

Focus resources on your expertise

“With Cumul.io as a reliable analytics partner, we can focus 100% on our core business: people planning.”
Karel Rabaut, CEO at Beeple

Fully leverage your company’s domain expertise

Invest valuable development time in what really matters: your core platform. Focus on your own strategic progress, while we take care of your analytics. You’ll innovate twice as fast.

Free up time for your developers

Good developers are hard to find. So let them do what they do best, and outsource the rest. By freeing up developer resources, you’ll save big on development time and costs.


We’re happy to help you ahead, and to look into the most suitable options for your business together.
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