3 reasons your portfolio companies should never build analytics themselves

1. You’re slowing down time-to-market

On average, building a reporting module from scratch takes 1 up to 2 years. You can integrate Cumul.io dashboards and push them to production in less than a month.

2. Your startups completely lose focus

Your developers should focus 100% on what their expertise: your core product offering. Outsource analytics to maintain strategic focus. Balance the workload of developers.

3. You’re wasting valuable investment money

After you’ve spend thousands of dollars on the initial setup, it doesn’t stop there. Server costs, maintenance, developing new features,... To recuperate that cost is nearly impossible.

Save time & costs with integrated analytics

Innovate 2x faster

Get a reporting module up and running in weeks, without having to dedicate your internal developer resources to it. Free up time of your development team to make faster progress on your core product roadmap.

Deploy & scale reporting with ease

Don’t worry about set-up, servers and maintenance. After a one-time, scalable set-up, you’re good to go. As your analytics partner, we’ll take care of the complex stuff.

Low cost of ownership

Lose the high costs of initial setup, servers and maintenance.. Easily predict your long-term cost with a flexible license model. Or even generate new revenue: offer your dashboarding module in premium pricing tiers.

What if SaaS companies make the mistake of in-house development?

1. A custom built module can quickly backfire.

Time is crucial for startups, and building from scratch takes a lot of time. Get that unfair advantage with Cumul.io, and be up and running in no time!

2. No analytics partner? You're not on your own.

With Cumul.io, you have a reliable best-of-breed partner to fall back on, with seamless integration. No lock-in, keep using your preferred stack!

3. It costs much more to build than to buy.

Growing companies fear the license cost when they buy & integrate an existing analytics platform. In reality, this license costs don’t even come near the cost of building a solution yourself.

How Cumul.io solves these challenges

100% customizable dashboards

You can white label & embed Cumul.io, and adapt it completely to match your brand. Optimize dashboards for mobile, desktop or large screens. Offer dashboards in multiple languages in a few clicks. All within our user-friendly dashboard interface, without writing a single line of code.

The API-first analytics platform

Cumul.io integrates seamlessly in any tech stack. Use our token-based security, connect any data source, trigger actions from platform to dashboard,,... It’s all possible in a scalable way via API. With full API documentation at hand, you’re good to go. Make life easy on your technical staff.

Pay as you grow

No fixed fees per user. Pay only when your users actually view the dashboards. Start small & scale as your users grow. Or generate new upsell opportunities, by offering your dashboarding module in premium pricing tiers.


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